Family Journal: March 7, 2022

Said and Oliver prep for the Model United Nations

My friend shared a photo of Oliver during this past weekend’s Model United Nations hosted by the British School of Tashkent. Due to COVID restrictions, spectators were not allowed to attend. I’ll be posting about Oliver Personal Project during his exhibition tomorrow night.

The apricot and cherry trees around the city are in full bloom. The air was full of sweetness as I walked Obi around our neighborhood the past couple of days. The weather has been warm and sunny in the first week of March, but has turned rainy this week. It is still above freezing so it the fruits should be OK as they develop during this month.

Sunday is shopping day and Nadia and I usually go to the Mirabad Bazaar to buy fruits and vegetables. There is a wider selection than what you get in the supermarket and it feels good to support the individuals and small businesses. Every vendor specializes and I wonder what it would be like to sell eggs, or spices, or greens everyday for years. They always seem to have a smile on their faces, so it must be a decent living.

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