Happy Birthday Oliver

Maqom Restaurant Tashkent Uzbekistan

It was a special evening celebrating my son Oliver’s 17th birthday! We watched him play volleyball in the TIS tournament and then took him to Maqom (“Status” in English) Restaurant. It was a lovely spring evening and the outdoor terrace overlooking the park was a relaxing setting. We like Maqom because of the delicious food and excellent drink menu. Oliver is so charming and sociable and he made us laugh for most of the dinner. He is maturing into a handsome and kind man and we are so proud of him.

Ollie excels at volleyball which is his best sport. Unfortunately, he inherited my height but he is still taller than me! He is totally locked in on every point and his intensity is infectious to his teammates. Oliver is the team’s best setter, is developing a deadly jump-serve and rarely makes mistakes. He is only in grade 10 and so has two more years of eligibility. His team easily defeated the Westminster International School of Tashkent yesterday in one of the round-robin games in the three-day tournament our school is hosting. The finals are today, Saturday, his actual birthday.

Ocean, Oliver and Dad

We love you Ollie! Congratulations on reaching your 17th birthday.

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