Family Journal: May 1, 2022

Oliver (#9 in center) had teammates from Oman, South Africa, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, USA, and Mexico

Oliver’s team finished in second place in the tournament we hosted this weekend. It was three years since we last hosted a volleyball tournament and had a high school volleyball season, thanks to COVID. Oliver was one of the captains of the team and played every minute of every game. He is the best setter at making difficult saving hits to keep a ball alive. He is also developing his spikes. One area of growth is his jump serve, but once he gets that down, he’ll be an awesome, all-around player. He has two more years of eligibility and I can’t wait to see him play over the next two years. Oliver’s team, the Tashkent International School Owls won 8 sets and lost 5 sets over the three days. They scored 297 points and allowed 235 points. They lost all four sets they played against the champions, школа 166 by an average of 4 points per game. They lost one set 24-26. I think with less missed serves, they could have won two of those sets. They did have a tough season with a COVID outbreak earlier this month, halting practices and games for two weeks.

Oliver’s Highlights from the final day of the tournament

It was a beautiful Sunday with temperatures in the mid-30s (90s). Oliver had his friends sleep over after the volleyball tournament and they had a great time, eating fast food, swimming in the pool and watching movies/gaming. They went to bed early because I think they were exhausted from the full day of competition. I played doubles tennis at the Olympic Tennis Club with my usual friends, Dan, Steve and Matt. We played on the clay for the first time this spring and it is nice to get back to that surface. We also hosted a “birthday” party for our dog Obi. We invited friends with dogs to the school for them to interact. Nadia made “doggie bags” and cupcakes for all of the attendees.

A valiant attempt at a group photo!

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