Oliver Medals at the TIS Owls Track & Field Meet

It was an exciting athletics meet last Saturday at Pakhtakor Stadium. The school was able to hold its first track meet since the spring of 2019. Oliver’s main spring sport is volleyball, but one of the coaches convinced him to participate in the athletics meet. I think he surprised himself with a silver medal in the 800 meters and a bronze medal as part of the 4 x 100 relay. He was a bit reluctant to participate, but Oliver has a can-do attitude and threw himself into the event and did quite well. I think with a bit of training, he can even be a stronger runner. He is good at both the longer distances and sprints, but I think his forte is the middle distance. 

I also forgot how much I love athletics and the rhythm of a meet. I remember my Dad used to be the Public Address Announcer for the meets West Iron County High School hosted at Nelson Field in Stambaugh. The schools had their encampments in different areas of the infield and cheers would go up around the stadium depending on what field event or race was finishing throughout the day. It was special for me to have Oliver participate in the meet and I hope Ocean joins him next year. 

800 meters medal ceremony “Silver for Ollie!”

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