Family Journal: May 20, 2022

We had a fantastic night out yesterday. It is so nice to have my eldest son Owen back home to complete our family. We dropped off Ocean for a birthday party and sleepover with friends. Then Nadia, Oliver, Owen, and I went to a new driving range in Tashkent. It is a Korean business and modeled after what you see in East Asia. It is a netted range about 200 yards in length and probably about 50 yards wide. There are two levels people can tee off from. There is a Korean BBQ restaurant on the second floor and a little nicer Korean restaurant and garden on the third floor. Lots of cold beer and it makes for a good night out! The Koreans also have an 18-hole golf course in Tashkent, developed by the former president Karimov and the South Korean government years ago. I am not a big golfer, but Owen likes going to driving ranges and it gets us to spend time as a family. Prices are reasonable with 1 hour of unlimited balls for $6.30 USD. It is located out of the city on the way to Parkent. The city is developing out towards that area. It offers views of the mountains, the new airport is being developed out there and lots of flat lands.

After the golf range, we had a really good dinner at Roni’s Pizza Napoletana restaurant. Perfect spring weather and lots of people out! Tashkent is really turning into an exciting, pleasant city to live in as both Roni’s and the driving range were not here when we first arrived.

Nadia took the boys out for haircuts earlier this week.

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