Bike Trails in Caspian

Chantal and Nadia stop by Pellizaro’s Ranch along the trail at sunset

I would like to thank the officials responsible for the making of the Apple Blossom bike trail between Iron River and Caspian. I also appreciate the newer trail from Caspian to Chicagoan Lake. I’ve ridden the entire trail several times during my holiday. It is convenient from my house and good for encouraging people to exercise. A couple of nights ago, Nadia and my sister-in-law Chantal joined me in a ride to the lake and back. The path is paved and runs alongside Highway 424, and cycling from the Iron County Museum in Caspian to the Chicagoan Inn Hotel and back is around 23 kilometers. A good workout!

Most of the ride is through a forest or alongside the road. There is not much traffic so crossing the road is not dangerous. A few hills provide good exercise but are not leg or lung crushing. There are benches periodically along the trail to stop and rest. I combined the trail with going on the George Young Fat Tire Bike Trails that are located near the path and go around Scott Lake. You can also connect to the old railway grade, now ATV/snowmobile trail back to Caspian to make a long loop.

The girls are shown above on another trail from the Chicagoan Lake Boat Landing to the public beach. We met the boys there and I went for a swim. I spent many a summer afternoon growing up at Pentoga Park, the public beach on the lake.

Pentoga Park Beach

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