Family Journal: December 2, 2022

November has come and gone. I can’t believe how fast time is passing. It was an extremely busy month at school for me. We conducted a secondary principal search and hosted 13 evaluation team members as part of our 5-year reaccreditation cycle. These things take a lot of time besides the normal school operations that I have to attend to.

Oliver and Ocean finished their soccer and cross-country running seasons. The new athletic director Walid Berrahal hosted a really nice Fall Sports Awards ceremony. Ocean won the Most Valuable Player Award for the girls, U-15 cross-country running team. Oliver’s soccer team won two championships. I had the honor of opening the ceremony. It was good to see so many students involved in sports at our school and the spirit and sense of belonging this engenders. 

I am pleasantly surprised that Oliver is getting into the World Cup. It is unusual to have it taking place in November and our family usually follows both the World Cup and the Olympics avidly. Every night we try to watch the games and in Tashkent, the time difference means we have had games starting at 3:00 PM and going to 2:00 AM. It was disappointing last night that the USA lost to the Netherlands. They looked small and overwhelmed at times. At least their goal in the 70th minute gave the game some spice before the Netherlands shut the door with their third goal. I enjoy the pageantry and skill of the players but soccer does have a major fault that aggravates me to the point that I have to stop watching. The sport has a serious problem with players falling on purpose to draw a foul. The “flopping” is a farse, with melodramatic flair to make them look ridiculous. I would love to find one team to tell their players never to go to the ground and feign injury and see what effect this has on the other teams and the referees. My solution from a referee’s point of view would be to give an automatic red card and force the player to wear a ballet dancer’s tutu for the next game. I would also change the rules or goal sizes to make goals easier to come by. 

Cold weather has come to Tashkent and we had our first freezing temperatures this school year. Snow is in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow morning! I am looking forward to it and I hope we have a snowy winter. I see there is snow in the mountains which may mean an early opening for the Amirsoy Ski Resort. Hello Winter! Ocean and I found a new Korean Bubble Tea cafe in Tashkent, RounD. Ocean loves bubble tea and on Thursday, we took Obi for a walk to check it out. She rated it highly and we will probably be going back there soon.

Ocean and Obi Waiting for their bubble tea

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