Family Journal: First Snowfall – December 6, 2022

Tashkent received about 6 inches of snow this week and with temperatures remaining below zero, the snow stayed for a few days in the city. More snow is in the forecast tomorrow and for the next 3 days, the temperature will be abnormally cold reaching -9 to =-11. The students love playing in the snow and it really gives the school a Christmas feel.

Uzbekistan is experiencing gas and electricity shortages with no foreseeable quick solutions. I know people that have had power outages and/or low gas. We have electricity in our house but I did notice the gas is low and it results in longer cooking times, warm, not hot showers and a little cooler temperature inside the house because the heated floors are not at full capacity. I feel sorry for the less fortunate.

I’ve had a cold this week so have been trying to take it easy. The other night the family had dinner at Roni Pizzaria. It has a vibrant atmosphere and good food. The countdown is on until Winter Break.

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