Hoboken, New Jersey


Nadia is pictured above in Hoboken, New Jersey, along the Hudson River, with Manhattan in the background. The main purpose of our visit was to see my sister and the famous, “Cake Boss.”

The city has an interesting history. The name comes from the Old Dutch word for “high cliff” and the first recorded baseball game was played here in 1846. The city was very industrial but has now become “yuppie” with many New Yorkers living there and commuting across to work in Manhattan, like my sister. As you can see, they have a beautiful waterfront with parks and a running/bike trail. They also have quaint little shops and buildings. It was very pleasant.

The kids were excited to see Carlo’s Bakery, site of the TLC reality series, “The Cake Boss.” The popular series in its fourth season and shows the power of television. Each day there are lines of tourists at the shop. The owner, Buddy, makes elaborate cakes and the show follows his family and employees as they make different cakes for a variety of occasions. The guy is making a mint from the show and is opening up stores in NY and NJ and he is renting a factory/warehouse to ship nationally.

Nadia wanted to try his famous cannolis, an Italian dessert. They were delicious, the right combination of lightness and sweetness. We took a bunch of pictures, walked down to the Hudson River and had lunch at a 50’s hamburger place called Johnny Rocket’s. A fine day indeed!

Because of the influx of New Yorkers to Hoboken, it has driven up real estate prices. I couldn’t believe that a one-bedroom apartment goes for around 750,000 USD. Hoboken is part of the New York Metropolitan Area which is a vast urban area of around 22 million people. It is the largest urban zone in the US and rivals the megacities outside the USA.

A cute Ollie on the streets of Hoboken