Creative Ocean

Ocean’s grade 5 class performed in a concert on Friday as part of the Osaka International School music program. I put together this video and included a couple of visual art pieces of Ocean also. She really excels in both the performing and visual arts. It was a bit sad that this is the last year of elementary for her and for us as a family as our children grow. Next year we will have two middle schoolers and one high school and none in the elementary for the first time since 2005. A long time…

ColdPlay Live!

Nadia keeping cool before the concert starts

I took Nadia to the ColdPlay concert last week at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It was the band’s first stop on their North American leg of their summer world tour. We both danced the night away and were thrilled with seeing the band, the pyrotechnic show and the excellent musicianship live and in person. Even me, approaching 50 years old, was highly entertained! ColdPlay is one of the few bands that appeals to a wide range of ages and it was reflected in the crowd. The weather was perfect, with a breeze coming in to cool a warm summer evening.

Great seats on the field!

It is refreshing that lead singer Chris Martin and the band are such good guys. Many big stars are weird or arrogant. They were gentlemen throughout the concert and thanked the crowd for putting up with the hassle of parking, getting to and from the stadium and all the rest that comes with attending a live concert in a huge stadium. He was also grateful to have so many followers. It must be so exhilarating to perform like that in front of 50,000+ screaming fans. They played all of the hits and much from their latest album. If they continue producing great music, they will be ranked with some of the best pop musicians of all time. They already have been churning out hits since the start of the decade and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Everyone received a lighted wristband that lit up in different colors throughout the concert. The set was amazing and the rainbow colors theme was in full force with lighting, fireworks and the wrist bands. We smelled marijuana several times during the concert and I imagine that would have enhanced the lights and musics.


The positive vibes and feeling of a global community could definitely be felt at the concert. The band was introduced via video screen by concert goers from all over the world, speaking in their native languages. It reminded me that most people in the world are good and 99.9999% of gatherings of large people do not end up in terrorist attack. It gave me renewed hope that the internet and increased contact among citizens of earth will continue to bring everyone together instead of driving us apart.

Getting ready to enter the stadium

I am looking forward to hear their next release. I hope they continue with the dance groove.

Sting Performs in Belgrade

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the Sting concert last night at the Belgrade Arena. Sting is the former lead singer of the Police and is a pop music legend. He is on the second European portion of his long tour promoting his new release, Symphonicities. The real name of Sting is Gordon Sumner and the former British school teacher has been a pop star for 30 years. He looks great at age 58 and his voice and energy is of a man 20 years younger. The idea of the album and concert is to rearrange his songs for a symphony orchestra. I really felt that for most of the songs, it gave them a new life and I found that it brought out his voice more and the story behind each song. It made for a varied evening, with featured players including the trumpet, clarinet, violin, cello, etc. Sting is a true musician and played the guitar, lute, harmonica, among other instruments during the course of the 2-hour, 23 song concert.

I grew up with the Police in the 1980’s and as he has aged and developed more complex musical tastes, I’ve been along for the ride. He is one of the my all-time favorite musicians and it was a great concert. Nadia and I took Owen and he managed to stay up the entire evening. It was the first time we all “partied” together. I hope the exposure to music will inspire him to appreciate music. He is taking guitar lessons. I hope to learn the piano and develop that side of my life.

I would like to thank my friend Claudiu for buying the tickets for us way back in February. The seats were magnificent, near the stage and up above the seats on the floor. With Serbians so tall, it is tough to view a concert if you are a row behind someone. The view was perfect. Nadia kept asking me to dress more like Sting! I’ll post photos tonight when I charge my Blackberry.