Big Week Over

Mr. Kralovec, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

It was an extremely busy week for us at school. I am shown above speaking at the commencement for the seniors on Saturday. 24 graduates said goodbye to ISB, and it turned out to be a beautiful day for a ceremony in our courtyard. A lot of work went into making the ceremony go well. It was a special day. The only hitch was our keynote speaker did not appear. We asked Belgrade Mayor, Dragan Djilas to speak and he canceled out last Thursday. In his stead, his people said former mayor and current deputy mayor Hrustanovic was speaking. She never showed or gave us word of now showing. Oh well, our Board President, Marcel Grogan gave a nice impromptu speech for the graduates and no one seemed to notice.

With Prom, Girls on the Move, Parent-Principal Coffee, Rehearsals, Board Dinner, and Support Staff Dinner, it was a hectic week.

Eric, Marcel, and I (left to right)
Eric, Marcel, and I (left to right)


The transcript of my speech is as follows:

On behalf of the faculty and staff I would like to say to the seniors…

Thank You



Dank U


Da zhen kuje


Did I recognize all of the languages you speak?  That is one of the nicest characteristics about ISB, is the international nature of the school and the variety of languages one hears throughout the day.  All of you have brought a bit of your culture to the school. 

I also want to say thank you for making my first year at ISB easier, by rarely being sent to my office. You were great role models for the younger students. As seniors, you had the highest grade point average in the high school, the best SAT scores in our school’s history, and most importantly, you were the embodiment of our values of excellence, open-mindedness and global responsibility. All the teachers will remember you fondly. Your time and effort spent in learning and improving our school community was appreciated and you will be missed. You have set the bar high for future students and for the first time in our high school, you developed a strong community school spirit. It was small things like organizing the student agendas, a remarkable HOSIC performance, anchoring the defense on our soccer team, to big things like collecting toys for the orphans, bringing joy with your visits to the children’s hospital, and many of you graduating with bilingual IB Diplomas.

I would like to mention one student in particular, who started here at ISB last century and is ending her school career today. I would like to call up to the podium, the kindergarten teacher from the 1997 school year, Dr. Draginja Jeftic and her former pupil and current senior, Sonja Ilic.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Joostens for the generous donation of refreshments for the reception afterwards. I would also like to thank Suzanne, for giving the seniors the opportunity to complete their school career here, on our beautiful campus. She stood up for what she believed in and that is one of the lessons we try to teach here at ISB.

I would also like to thank the parents and families that played a large role in your development. It must seem like just yesterday that they were crawling and in diapers, and here they are today, ready to make their mark on the world. Do us proud graduates, I wish you all the best in finding a career, love, and happiness.

We will now hear from the ISB Choir, featuring senior singer, Alexandra Von Tersch.

Owen Graduates from Kindergarten

Owens Graduation Speech, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We had a nice ceremony on Friday morning at the school. The Kindergarten “graduated” to first grade. It is a big moment for them and their parents as it marks the end of early childhood. Next year they will be in the elementary school. All the students read a prepared graduation speech and received their diplomas. Many proud parents were taking video and photos. Above is Owen’s speech. He is a bit sad in leaving his friends. We plan to re-enroll him in kindergarten next year at his new school due to his young age.