South Pacific Paradise


This was our view yesterday afternoon at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is a protected wilderness area that abuts the Anderson Air Force base. They have preserved a stretch of coastline in the far north of the island from hotels, private homes & apartments and other development. If it was up to me, no one would be able to put anything on the a body of water. That is for another blog post…

It was a Saturday afternoon and there were probably about 50-100 people in the entire 385-acre park. We had a big section to ourselves. We drove our car down a narrow two-track path to a section of forest with an opening to the beach. It provided a shady, flat area to set up our blankets and gear. There was plenty of coral for the kids to snorkel as you can see Oliver and Ocean below.


We sadly had to leave at 4:00 PM because government officials close the refuge. We will definitely go back this week and fully explore the trails in the park.