Weekend Family Journal April 26-27 2008

I had a bit of difficulty figuring out how to embed this video from flickr.com. I can now upload videos of up to 90 seconds to my flickr.com account. I uploaded several videos and will try to find time to upload some videos from earlier in the year. Some of my videos are over 90 seconds however, so I will make a Youtube account and put them there. The above video shows Nadia feeding Ocean. Nadia makes all of Ocean’s baby food from scratch. She takes much of her philosophy of feeding babies from the book, “Super Baby Food” by Ruth Yaron. Ocean is now 7 months old and is just so darn cute and cuddly. She has rolls of delicious baby fat every where! Nadia is also enjoying having a girl.

This past weekend we stayed in Anaco and relaxed on campus. On both Saturday and Sunday morning I got a chance to run, first with Oliver and then Ocean with my jogging stroller. I am making it a point to exercise more. Saturday morning Nadia and I made pancakes for the boys. In the afternoon, Andy, Owen, Oliver, and I went out to the mesa for a hike. We got a bit lost in the canyons, but made it back. The entire hike took about an hour which is pretty good with young children. I carried Oliver much of the way, although the little guy loved the whole experience. Owen got a bit whiny, but pulled through and sprinted the last 20 meters back to the car. Going out to that area really re-charges my batteries, and as I always say, a day with more time spent outdoors than indoors is a good day. Later on we swam in the backyard pool and I did some yard work.

Sunday morning after the jog, Andy and I took the boys shopping to Unicasa. I am amazed at how prices are rising here. Nadia and Ale worked on their Arabic, Spanish, and Serbian jolly phonics. The women are adapting the Jolly Phonics program to other languages. Nadia’s Serbian version has really helped us pick up the Cyrillic quickly. We did more party planning, as we are gearing up for Oliver’s third birthday party tomorrow.

One comment on the iPod and podcasts. They are brilliant! I can now listen to my favorite programs any time, any where. It makes jogging go by so quickly. I’ll do a post in the future with my podcast recommendations.