Knjaz Milos & Ada – A Great Combination

Knjaz Milos Mineral Water

The hot weather continues here in Belgrade and we’ve been trying to keep cool. Both Nadia and I have become huge fans of carbonated mineral water and our favorite is shown above, Knjaz Milos. It is named after the Serbian King, Milos Obrenovic, who believed the waters of a town Arandelovac, just south east of Belgrade in the Sumadija region, had curative powers. I would like to visit the town some day.

Many Serbians drink carbonated water and at first, I didn’t like it much, as it is not very common in the USA, but it grew on me. Now I prefer this over regular water. I see the attraction and it is like a drink, but water and healthy for you as it has less calories than soda pop.

Without a car our options are limited of getting out of town so we’ve been going to Ada Ciganlija often. Below is a view from Saturday.