Knjaz Milos & Ada – A Great Combination

Knjaz Milos Mineral Water

The hot weather continues here in Belgrade and we’ve been trying to keep cool. Both Nadia and I have become huge fans of carbonated mineral water and our favorite is shown above, Knjaz Milos. It is named after the Serbian King, Milos Obrenovic, who believed the waters of a town Arandelovac, just south east of Belgrade in the Sumadija region, had curative powers. I would like to visit the town some day.

Many Serbians drink carbonated water and at first, I didn’t like it much, as it is not very common in the USA, but it grew on me. Now I prefer this over regular water. I see the attraction and it is like a drink, but water and healthy for you as it has less calories than soda pop.

Without a car our options are limited of getting out of town so we’ve been going to Ada Ciganlija often. Below is a view from Saturday.

Artist Miloš Tutuš

Last night we visited the home of our friends, Vera and Miloš Tutuš. I didn’t have my camera, so  the photo above was taken September of 2008 at party we attended together. Miloš is a 28 year old artist and art teacher at the Chartwell School, a British private school here in Belgrade. He is a fine artist and we have a couple of his works hanging in our home. He is both a sculpture and painter and he has a wide range of works. He maintains an on line gallery of his work where you can view and purchase many of his pieces. The web site with his page is managed by a non-profit organization called ARTE that focuses on promoting artists and web entrepreneurs with emerging technologies.

Keyhole "Engrova" - A piece by Miloš in the Kralovec Home