Museum of Aviation Visit


Owen and Ollie, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

I can’t recommend enough for young children on a cold day, a trip to the Museum of Aviation in the mushroom-shaped building at the Nikola Tesla Airport. Oliver was so happy to see the jet fighters. Both Owen and Oliver were running around the complex, inside and out, shooting at each other and playing military games. They also learned a bit about the history of aviation in Yugoslavia and military planes in general. They are shown above in front of my favorite plane in the museum, the SOKO F-22 fighter. The jet fighter was made by the SOKO (Falcon) company in Mostar for the Yugoslavian Air Force and is still in use today.

The kids were also especially interested in the American and NATO planes that were shot down during the bombing campaign of 1999.

I also wanted to show everyone the boys’ new haircuts. I finally got sick of looking at the two hippy-children and we took them downtown Senjak for a good haircut. They look so much better and so much younger. I love the little guys so much!!!!