Nadia Excels in First 10km in Japan

Nadia ran a 55:02 10 kilometer race on Sunday in the Suita Bampaku Marathon race. This was her first competitive race here in Japan. The race took place in the Expo ’70 Park in the nearby suburb of Suita. Our school’s biathlon team participated and Nadia joined several of the faculty. We all had a fun day with an exceptionally beautiful autumn sunshine and fall colors.

The race differed from others she ran in that the crowd was very quiet and the only people cheering loudly were the family support for our us. Usually in Europe or America, strangers cheer on the runners to give them support.

She was a bit nervous because of her back, but it did not give her problems. Nadia wanted to be under an hour so she completed her goal.

We would like to thank Marcella, Dawn, and Tara for inviting us to run with them. We are planning to all run as a family in January for our next race.

Kralovec Family Success in “Run For The Earth” 5 KM

Escuela Anaco hosted yesterday the “Run For The Earth” 5 kilometer race. The Kralovec family did extremely well. Above, Owen and I ran together in the 1 kilometer race. Owen needed a bit of encouragement not to stop and look at all the people behind him. He was a tough trooper however, and finished with a time of 7: 48. He would have had the fastest time of any younger student, but the others cut corners on the inside of loop of the course while Owen and I ran the proper course. I was so proud to be running with my son. It was the first time we competed together. I hope we can continue to compete together in sports in the years to come.I kept going after escorting him to finish the 4.8 kilometer course around the school grounds in 28:09. It was extremely hot with temperatures in the mid to high 90’s. I couldn’t quite catch Mr. Flinn’s friend Leo who was visiting from England. I finished with the silver medal.

Nadia was the true hero of the Kralovec family however. First she ran hard and won second place in the women’s race with a time of 31:59. She then entered the 100 meter dash for adult females. She was having trouble with her hat and fell behind early, but came from behind to beat ninth grade student Francesca. Owen finished tied with his cousin Sebey in the Kinder 100 meter dash for second. Even little Oliver got in the act and did some running with the day care personnel. So overall it was 3 silver medals and a 100 meter championship for our family. This is our last fun run at the school as we are leaving next month.

Below, Nadia wins the 100 meter dash, with hat in hand and Ollie enjoys the run too. You can see these and more photos on the run by clicking on the photo above to take you to our set.

Nadia Wins 100

Ollie Runs Too