Hike to Observation Point


It may have been the most scenic hike I will ever do! Yesterday we climbed 2,100 feet in elevation and 10 miles in distance to make it to Observation Point, a beautiful overlook in the Zion National Park. You can see the Virgin River in the background, which carved the canyon out of the sandstone of the Colorado Plateau over millions of years. It was also our starting point for this glorious morning walk in stunning Zion.

Nadia and I were proud parents of our children. They showed the grit of experienced hikers, easily making it to the top and back. On the way they needed to manage the many climbing switchbacks, a narrow trail with a cliff wall on one side and a precipice on the other. I was really tired upon our return and needed to take a nap, but the kids stayed awake in the house and later played tennis and swam in the pool.


Besides the amazing views at every turn, we saw lots of wildlife. A mule deer crossed our path near the start of the hike. An unidentified little gray bird mother was feeding her young in a nest near the end our goal of Observation Point. We also saw chipmunks, squirrels, a bluebird, lizards, etc. The hike was also varied in the types of rocks, trees, and canyon shapes. The Virgin River was very muddy yesterday after the flash floods the night before. Erosion in action!

The kids became official Junior Rangers when a park ranger saw them complete the strenuous hike and gave them badges. It is our last day