Family Journal – Thursday June 26, 2008

Owen, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We had a nice day yesterday. There was beautiful sunshine in the morning and warm temperatures all day -one of those classic Upper Peninsula summer days! We are all still on antibiotics and the boys are feeling better. I bought a 25inch aluminum bat and 3 rubber coated baseballs for Owen. He loves to hit! He is shown above at Joe Sabol field in Caspian. The field is named after the former mayor of Caspian. Joe used to rent the upstairs apartment of my parent’s house before they had children. Joe is a life-long resident of the city and it is nice that they named the field after him. The baseball field is the on the old Caspian School lot just half a block from our house. When the iron mines were functioning there were more people in Caspian and we had our own K-8 school. My dad was the last principal of the school. It shut down the year I was to go to kindergarten, 1972. The school has been torn down and replaced with a Michigan welfare office, but the playing field went to the city and there is a great baseball field there. The legion and high school teams, as well as little league play there.

Owen is a lefty but bats from the right side. He is a natural athlete and can hit the ball from my fast pitching. He loves to run the bases and slide. Oliver too can hit the ball. He comes up to bat and pounds the bat on the plate every time. He is a righty but prefers to bat from the left side. As everything he does, he swings as hard as he can and I throw it where his bat will go. He doesn’t understand the concept of running the bases in order, though and just takes off in any direction after connecting.

Ocean had a curly hair day yesterday and it is definitely showing an orange or red tint. She is also a smart cookie and just adorable.

We played baseball in the morning and afternoon on Owen’s insistence. Nadia went for an hour run and then allowed me to. We went to the pasty shop and got lunch for a picnic at Nelson Field in Stambaugh. We took the kids up for a walk to the Community Center playground and gave them baths in the evening to wrap up a full day of holidays.

While I ran I listened to a good pod cast of an interview with Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart. The link to the video is here. Jon has a good take on the current Bush administration and the war on Iraq.

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