Family Journal – Friday June 27, 2008

Pounding Nails, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Andy, Owen, Grandpa, and I completed repairing the roof yesterday on our garage. My Dad put an addition to the garage about 30 years ago using materials from the old hot dog stand at Hubby Holmes Baseball Field in Dober. The roof was leaking profusely this spring so we decided it was time for a new roof. Andy is quite a carpenter, so good in fact that he could go into business as a contractor quite easily. He led the project and I learned how to roof.

First one lays down a felt layer. We then measure and cut the rolls of roofing. We used sheets instead of individual shingles due to the rustic nature of the garage. The roll is then carried up to the roof and laid out in the proper place. Then sealant is squirted along the edges and then nails are pounded about 2 inches apart, all along the edge of the roll. Roofing is not that technical, but it is hard work in hauling up the materials and then a bit monotanous in pounding all those nails. Thanks Andy and Grandpa for the roofing workshop. Owen even got into the act by pounding nails. Grandpa also helped out by playing soccer with Oliver. Ollie kept climbing up the ladder and going on the roof with us!

Yesterday afternoon my aunt Ione and uncle Jim Condon came over to visit. They live in Crystal Falls and she the older sister of my mother. We had a nice dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and cole slaw. It was good for a rainy afternoon. We did get in some baseball and Owen continues to impress!

Ocean crawled across the floor to retrieve a toy. She is approaching her ninth month soon so before you know it, she will be walking. She lets us know what she wants, and loudly.

I also completed my FCPA (application for absentee ballot) for November’s presidential election. Michigan is one of the key states so I am voting. I don’t want another Republican government so will be voting for Obama. I don’t know enough about him yet to get excited about his candidacy, but I am very disappointed with the Republicans the past 8 years. I think Bush has ruined the economy through excessive spending. I also don’t think the war in Iraq is winnable and don’t think we should have gotten messed up with it in the first place. Obama is looking like he will get us out of it quicker than McCain will. I also don’t like the anti-intellectual stance Bush has taken as leader of the nation. With all of our Nobel prizes, scientists, artists, etc., you think we could find someone better to lead us. At least Obama is smart and more of the challenges facing us as a nation will be discussed in the public forum in greater depth.

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