Family Journal: Monday June 30, 2008

Kralovec Grandchildren, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Pictured above are the five Kralovec grandchildren. My mother got shirts for her five grandchildren in the birth order. Owen being the oldest is number one and Ocean the youngest being number 5. Will there be more? I think only if my youngest brother comes through with more kids because both Jim and I have wives that are surgically done having children.

We got together yesterday for Tony’s fifth birthday (number 2 grand child) at my brother’s house in Iron Mountain. Earlier in the day we took the kids to see the movie Wall-E. Despite great reviews from the critics, I didn’t like the movie. We then went back to Jim’s house and had the party. In attendance were Michelle’s father LeRoy and grandmother “Peanut,” my parents, and our families. We ate a lot and had a good time, although Oliver, Beau, and Tony fought a lot.

The party wrapped up a couple of busy days for us. Saturday we went to Marquette about 90 miles north east of Iron River. Jim and I took the boys to the Upper Peninsula high school football all-star game. It was in the “Yooper Dome” a domed stadium on the campus of Northern Michigan University. Marquette is on Lake Superior and we had a nice time on the beach.

The next day we drove to Green Bay, Wisconsin to visit our friends the Bonetti’s and do some clothes shopping. I completed my new ISB professional wardrobe and we had a great time with Mark, Donell, Brandell and Lauren. They have a beautiful home in the suburb of Bellvue and they even watched the boys while we shopped.

There was a bit of sadness yesterday at Tony’s party. My mother’s health continues to deteriorate and we needed to take her to the hospital last night. She is a diabetic and has lost much weight this month

Today, July 1, we are cleaning and organizing our lives again after two days of travel and assisting my parents.

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