Family Journal: July 1, 2008

Family With Grandma, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We were back at my parents’ home in Caspian. We took the morning washing clothes, making Ocean’s food, and cleaning. I assisted with the summer work projects in Anaco via email and phone. Much of the day spent with tending to children (que sorpresa). In the morning I took the kids up to the Caspian Community Center park to give Nadia time alone to work. In the afternoon I took Owen and Oliver to the Ottawa National Forest and we hiked from Orville’s bench to the beach.

Nadia is a bit stressed with all the things we have to do still before we leave for Serbia. We had three big stress ors this year in our lives with a birth, new jobs, and a move to another country. We’ll keep plugging away and taking care of these things.

We all went up and visited with my mother yesterday. She is battling diabetes and it is frustrating to watch. For someone who never smoked or drank her whole life and exercised daily, the long term effects of the disease have really did a lot of damage to her which she did not cause through an unhealthy lifestyle. She was diagnosed with diabetes when I was in high school. It runs in the Heikkila family. To top it off, she was born with only one kidney that was 1/2 the size of a normal kidney. She received a transplant from her brother Dan over 10 years ago, so with the insulin and hypertension pills, she also takes anti-rejection drugs. The hypertension and kidney failure are attributable to diabetes. It is amazing the just because a small region of the pancreas does not produce a chemical hormone (insulin) that it would cause all these side effects. She has been injecting insulin for many years and takes her sugar levels many times daily, but despite careful control of the disease, she is still suffering the long-term damage that comes with the disease. In recent years, her circulation is very poor in her legs (again, diabetes is the culprit here) which is causing painful swelling. The American Diabetes Association has a lot more information on the disease.

We bought a Florida Lotto ticket for 52 draws (good from June 11, 2008 – December 6, 2008). Our numbers are 07,15,20,25,26,30

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