Happy Birthday Angel

Ocean turned 1 year old today!!! Battery is dying, more on this topic later. (I’m back)

We didn’t have a big party because one year olds don’t deal well with crowds. She also doesn’t have any friends yet, although my colleagues Tim’s girls love her. We did get typical Serbian cake of chocolate mousse and light creme – delicious! As you can see, Ocean enjoyed it also.
She gets cuter by the day and is showing us genuine affection. We successfully weaned her and now we don’t even give her milk at night. She still gets up a couple times a night, but only for a hug from me and then I put her down on her stomach and put the blankets on her to make her cozy. Ocean calls us by name and points her finger and says “no,no,no”.
Grandma Kralovec sends this message to Ocean on her first birthday:
“To Grand daughter number one, who now is one!!
Happy Birthday:


Love Grandma & Grandpa

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