My Two Angels! Family Journal: April 3, 2009


My Two Angels, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Spring has hit Belgrade in a huge way! The week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, with bright, sunny skies and warm temperatures. There are literally millions of blossoms in the apple and cherry trees in the city, making Belgrade a springtime paradise.

We have several magnolia trees in our yard. My two angels are shown above enjoying the fragrant blossoms. We didn’t know what kind of bushes they were until this week, when they suddenly bloomed. One of the pleasant surprises of moving to a new place. We have three of them in the garden, and along with a fig tree, it makes for a pleasant yard. We really enjoy family times out there. We also have a nice fire place and gazebo that makes it the perfect place for BBQ’s and entertaining. A big thanks to the previous principal, Clint Calzini, for finding this house!

Nadia is feeling better. She was out of school Thursday and Friday with the flu. It was a busy week, with Spirit Days in both the middle school and lower school. I chaperoned a part of the dance last night and had to take the kids so Nadia could rest. It will be a nice Saturday with the family. I leave for Estonia and the CEESA Principals’ Conference tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll make the most of family time today and tomorrow morning. I return Wednesday afternoon.


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