Family Journal: Beautiful Springtime Weekend April 4-5, 2009

Owen Soccer, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We had a delightful weekend in Belgrade. I was supposed to leave for the CEESA Principals’ Conference on Sunday, but with Nadia sick, it would have been tough to leave her with the kids. With bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70’s, it was nice to be with the kids.

On Saturday morning I took all three kids to Ada Ciganlija. When they are all up, it is the only way I can get a bit of exercise. I rent a bike with a “rickshaw” which is a baby carrier attached to a bike. I put Ocean and Oliver in the carrier and Owen rides with me. We made it the 7 kilometers around the lake with stops at a playground and to skip rocks. In the afternoon, I grilled hamburgers in the yard while the kids played.

Oliver Demolishes Oceans Doll House
Oliver Demolishes Ocean's Doll House

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