Bring On the Kenyans!!! Belgrade Marathon 2009



Registration, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Nadia and I are shown above after registering for the 2009 “Banca Intensa” Belgrade Marathon. This is the 22nd edition of one of the biggest sporting events in Serbia. This is the first that the Kralovec family will be participating. We will be representing our countries (Australia & USA) against the best in the world.

There are four races actually today. There is the marathon, a half marathon, and the UNICEF 5 km fun run. Within the marathon, there is the military world marathon championship, with soldiers from all over the world participating.

Nadia and I, being “serious” runners, signed up for the half marathon. Nadia was the 701rst woman to register. I was too busy soothing Oliver to find out what number I was. We bought the boys UNICEF shirts so they could feel they were getting a t-shirt and registering for a run also.

My race strategy will be to focus on the list below. Hey Mathew Cheboi, if you are reading this, I’m gunning for you! I’ll find his number (701), get next to him, and then run with him until the last 5 kilometers where I intend to pull away. Then if I am feeling good, I’ll keep going and maybe take on some of the guys in the marathon. I can’t believe that I wasn’t on the list below. 

Seriously, Nadia and I intend to run 10 kilometers together and then quietly step off the course. We have not been training much. I don’t know how much my 41 year old body can do with exactly 3 training runs behind a jogging stroller. Being an international school principal and have three children under the age of 6 really cuts into training time! If I am feeling good, I’ll go on and finish the second half of the half marathon and do another 11 kilometers. 


Where is Bill Kralovec USA?
Where is Bill Kralovec USA?

This is our first really big race. We have run in lots of 10 kilometer races back in Michigan, as well as the annual Guacamaya “Run For The Earth Fun Run,” but never have we done a city marathon with thousands of participants. I wonder how far away from the Kenyans I’ll be when we start off?

My main goals are to enjoy time with my wife, get some exercise, and enjoy the sights of the city. We start in front of national parliament and get to run across the bridge to New Belgrade and back. We are three hours from race time as I write this. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I have Oliver and Owen convinced that I am going to win. 




Will I see this?
Will I see this?

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