We Did It! : Belgrade Marathon 2009


Ready to Go!
Ready to Go!


Nadia and I had a wonderful run in the 22nd Belgrade Marathon yesterday. One could feel the excitement as the gun went off to announce the start of the race. Thousands of runners shouted and raised their hands as we moved in unison up Queen Aleksandra Street. It was a thrilling rush to be part of such a mob activity. There were people cheering and watching along most of the route. The sunny skies and cool (70 F) temperatures made for beautiful sites and nice running conditions. 

We decided to run together instead of me chasing the Kenyans. Below is as close as I got to the elite runners. They swepts the top spots as expected. We ran 15 kilometers, the most we have ever done together in a time of 1 hour and 38 minutes. Vera our nanny watched the kids at home so Nadia and I treated it as a running date again. The views of the city were spectacular, such as the shot I took from Branko’s Bridge below.



I Am Trying to Pscyhe Out the Kenyans
I Am Trying to Pscyhe Out the Kenyans


The first 5 kilomters on the old side of Belgrade, south of the Sava River went by extremely quickly. The next 10 kilometers were the tough part as we crossed the bridge into New Belgrade. The nice thing about New Belgrade is that it is former swampland that Tito’s socialists developed and it is completely flat. We ran along the Danube all the way to Zemun and then separated from the marathon course at the 10 kilometer mark. We then finished the last 5 kilometers by crossing the main high way overpass near the Mercator Shopping Center. 


The View from Brankov Most
The View from Brankov Most

 Nadia had the best orange juice she ever drank immediately after we stopped. We then luckily found a taxi near the highway and we were back home in 5 minutes. We both pledged to train more next spring and run the half marathon (21 kilometers). 

After the race, I was extremely tired and as I write this my legs are still a bit sore. I’ll go out for a run this morning with Ocean as soon as she wakes up. We took the kids to McDonald’s and played in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. Nadia made a nice risotto and then we went for a walk for ice cream. Belgrade reminds me of Michigan summertime right now. 

We are beginning our Spring Break and have the next week off of school. The Orthodox Christian Easter is today and so we have our break later than most countries. 


Survived! Ready for the 21 kilometers in 2010!
Survived! Ready for the 21 kilometers in 2010!







4 thoughts on “We Did It! : Belgrade Marathon 2009

  • Nice to read pages like this.
    I get to see the other side of the Marathon.
    I’ve been to every race in Belgrade since 2006 when my then athlete Japhet Kosgei broke the course record (I am an athlete agent).
    Maybe one of this days I will participate in the 10km race and be the only Kenyan being run over by everybody 🙂

    Have fun as you prep for next year guys.

    • We loved running in the marathon and thanks for bringing the Kenyans. It brings the race up a notch!

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