Family Journal: Easter Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We discovered a really nice place for lunch yesterday. We visited Salaš 137 just outside of Čenje, a small village near Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad. Salaš, pronounced, salash, is the Serbian for country ranch. These places often have a restaurant, country museum, and activities for kids. This particular salaš was particularly nice, a perfect place to take the family.

The boys take a break from soccer.
The boys take a break from soccer.

I spent the morning doing yard work and playing with the kids. I managed to take Ocean for a run in the jogging stroller, I was definitely feeling the Belgrade marathon in my legs. We finally got the kids and car packed and left for ranch in the afternoon. It was warm and overcast, perfect weather! The food was traditional Serbian cuisine. We ordered the house specialty, lamb, as well as salads, potato dishes, roasted vegetables, and the special Serbian “gutbomb” of chicken wrapped in bacon and filled with cheese.

Ocean on the Teeter-Totter
Ocean on the Teeter-Totter

The ranch was recommended by various mothers in the ISB community and thanks to them. The ranch also had a huge soccer field and playground. Perfect for three hyperactive kids waiting to eat. We also went on a horse ride in a cart around the property. Cenje is in the heart of Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia. Vojvodina is an rich agricultural area, flat as a pancake. It looks like Iowa.

I highly recommend the place for a weekend afternoon get-a-way. They also have a hotel for longer stays. The ranch is located just north of Novi Sad, about 90 kilometers away from Belgrade. If you type in Čenje into a GPS, it will take you to right to the place. For more information, you can visit their web site.

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