Family Journal: April 20, 2009

We started our week of holiday at home. For Nadia and I it truly is a holiday as we can use the nanny and our resources at home to relax. Sometimes, traveling with young children is more work than our jobs.

Yesterday Owen and I started the day with a run around the lake at Ada Ciganlija. We went shopping in the afternoon for summer things, like an outdoor broom, sprinkler, etc. We had a nice picnic in the grass and in the evening, Nadia prepared a good meal of pasta and we had a fire.

Owen and Ollie Enjoy Ice Cream In Front of the Fire
Owen and Ollie Enjoy Ice Cream In Front of the Fire

Ollie and Owen are shown above playing a game of egg-tapping. This is a Serbian Easter tradition. Serbs boil eggs with onion skins to produce a nice, burgundy color. Many paint intricate designs on the eggs. Vera brought over some eggs she made yesterday. We played the egg tapping game where opponents tap the top of the eggs together. The egg that does not crack wins. In a family competition, Oliver had the strongest egg and won!

Ollie is tierno with Mama
Ollie is "tierno" with Mama

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