Family Journal: April 21, 2009

My dad and brother Andy are extremely handy with their hands. Both of them are excellent carpenters, electricians, plumbing, etc. I am not quite so handy and like to blame my genetics and scenes like this above.

Yesterday, our head of maintenance Goran and his crew came over to the house yesterday to do a few odd jobs. They reinforced one of our benches in our outdoor furniture and then took down this unused satellite dish that has been sitting in our yard for years. It was attached to our fence and quite an eyesore.

The school treats its expat employees extremely well. The maintenance crew has done much work in our house this year. They have re-wired our kitchen and outdoor lights, repaired our telephone outlet, moved a big couch, etc. All we need to do is complete a web-based form work request and they are there the next day. We appreciate their care, and it allows us to focus on school work rather than house work. It is one of the advantages of living overseas. Nadia and I have greatly benefited from having help with domestic chores such as cleaning, washing clothes, shopping, cooking, etc. All of our utility bills are paid for, etc. It really frees up time to maintain a blog, spend more time with the kids, reading, etc.

I have pledged to get better at home upkeep and repair. I recently fixed an extension cord and bought an adjustable wrench! Yes, small steps compared to what my dad and brother can do, But, I am using the wrench quite often and see that a good tool kit is essential. I plan on my dad consulting me this summer on the perfect tool kit. I see the need to learn how to drill a hole to hang stuff or put up shelves, to repair cabinets with wood glue or screws,

We are relishing the time off from work. Yesterday Nadia and I went for a run together around the lake at Ada Ciganlija. We then played soccer, basketball, and ate lunch outside in the yard. In the late afternoon, we went to the US Embassy Commissary for shopping. We also went down to the pijaca “Zeleni Venac” which in English is the Green Circle Market to get our watches repaired and buy some flowers for the garden we are making.

Today, April 22, marks the one year anniversary of my blog, I did 250 posts this year! I renewed my subscription to and will continue the domain name for another year.

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