Ocean – Such a Girl!


Ocean is certainly not a “tomboy” as she likes feminine things like shoes, dresses, hair clips, etc. I am not saying she isn’t tough, she can handle anything having two older brothers. She is just so cute. Last night I did an experiment with her. I usually lay down with her in bed to get her to fall asleep. Last night, the boys were making noise so she kept getting up and walking out of the room. I finally resorted to fake crying everytime she left. Every single time, she came back and tried to sooth me with a hug, caress, or kiss. Only a girl would do that as I know Ollie and Owen wouldn’t try to soothe me.

We have been extremely busy with the start of school. I am putting in long days dealing with scheduling, photo copiers, etc. I am especially busy as we are changing software for administration of the school and they need to know everything.

Will blog more once things calm down and school is off and running.

One thought on “Ocean – Such a Girl!

  • very cute Ocean.. really love .. to see her in such cuteness..

    yes, girls do soothe but definitely not boys as I experienced..

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