Warm Summer Nights


The weather the past couple of days has been wonderful. Blue skies, cool breezes, and plenty of green and sunshine. Ollie and I took advantage of the warm night last night, one never knows how many are left!  We rode down to Ada Ciganlija and went swimming. There were lots of people enjoying the “Belgrade Sea.”

On the way back, I snapped a nice photo below of the New Railroad Bridge (Novi Železnički Most). The bridge is visible from our house in Senjak. There were some people fishing with glow in the dark bobbers.

New RAilroad Bridge - Belgrade, Serbia
New RAilroad Bridge - Belgrade, Serbia

3 thoughts on “Warm Summer Nights

  • Hello! I stumbled on your blog while searching for a friend of mine. I attended ISB in the early 1970s (my father was a Voice of America correspondent, Mark Hopkins). I have such great memories of Belgrade and the school. We lived in the so-called “diplomatic colony” (street was Aleksandr Stamboliskog, if I have that spelled correctly). Does that still exist?

    Nice to see some pictures of the city.

    Paul Hopkins (ISB 1971-1974)
    North Adams, Massachusetts

    • Paul, Yes, the Diplomatic Colony still exists. Our school director lives there. I am not sure about the street but will try to look into it. What are you doing now?

      • Hi again … well, it’s been a long journey since then but after moving from Belgrade we went to Munich for four years. I’ve lived in the States since going to college (a long time ago) and now live in North Adams, Massachusetts. As I said, I still have great memories of Beograd and would love to visit again sometime. (Our first year there was actually under a fellowship through the Milwaukee Journal newspaper – before VOA – and we lived for about a month at the Moskva Hotel, and then on Lola Ribara not far from the city center.) I can still see all the rooms of the ISB. I assume there is still Obradovic Hall, named for my 7th grade teacher?

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