Sighting of Two Rare Blond Headed Monkeys (Family Journal Nov. 20-22, 2009)


Owen and Ollie are pictured above in the Magnolia Tree in our garden. Boys will be boys and even in 2009 and the age of video games and computers, they still love climbing trees. The magnolia is the perfect size for them and if they fall, they won’t get hurt. It reminds me of the Frangipani tree we had in our garden in Venezuela. 


Ollie Climbs Frangipani in April of 2008

I also took the kids to Hajd Park where there is a public school with a large cement area and wall. It is perfect for playing tennis. Owen is taking tennis lessons at the school and the past two weekends, he asked me to take him to play. We usually play for a while before Ocean, Ollie, and Owen want to climb the bleachers or hillside at the school instead of hitting the tennis ball. 

Friday night Nadia and I watched Inglorious Basterds, the latest film from Quentin Tarantino. I absolutely loved it! The movie is about a crack American team of soldiers fighting the Nazis in Vichy France in World War II. Tarantino’s flair for dialogue and violent melodrama is magnificent. Saturday I did a lot of yard work, raking leaves, etc. Nadia redecorated the house by rearranging furniture, etc. On Saturday night we went to our first Slava (more on that later) and on Sunday we visited the Naive Art Gallery in Kovacica (more on that later also.)

 The weather has been holding out but Sunday was cold and foggy. School year is flying by! 


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