Naive Art of Kovačica, Serbia


One of the more interesting pieces



Sunday we took a drive over to Kovačica, a small town located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) north east of Belgrade. The town is famous for its naive art style painters and its majority Slovak population. Nadia loves art and we’re exposing the kids to art so we decided to go and check out the galleries. Naive art is a genre that emphasizes color,  childlike simplicity, and patterns. I never heard of this art style before and was curious to learn more.

The gallery/museum is well maintain and features the works of around 25 artists from the town and neighboring villages. The styles vary, from the more realistic depictions to pure fantasy. The use of color differs also, some being extremely bright and others more subdued. Most of the subject matter is a romanticized, rural lifestyle. For example, many show scenes of the harvest or hunt, sledding in the winter, etc. I preferred the more realistic works of Jan Bačur and Mihal Povolny while Nadia liked the more colorful pieces, especially of Ana Knjazovic. The town of Jagodina in southern Serbia is more famous for its naive painting and maybe someday we’ll visit there. 

It was a bitterly cold morning and we walked around the main plaza a bit. It was strange to see a priest walking near our car when we pulled into town. The town is mostly descendants of Slovak immigrants and they have their own church. We usually see the Orthodox holy men with the long beards and black robes. We bought a small piece for our house and some souvenir calendars. It is a nice day trip and better than hanging around the house on a cold, foggy day. 


The Kralovec Family is not the best for cold weather!



2 thoughts on “Naive Art of Kovačica, Serbia

  • Hi,
    I was lovely reading about your day out and your kids are just adoreable, i could have given them all a big hug.
    I am a navie artist from the UK and love art, have painted and made things all my life and before naive art l did abstract but naive art makes me feel like l have come home and love it when you can make your story up as your painting.
    Tell your wife that l love her coat , its great,

  • Hi Bill,
    Kovacica is famous for naive art and very neat women. Higher class families in Belgrade, would, almost a status symbol, hire a Maid from Kovacica. Since I was a kid (growing up in Belgrade), I remember how interesting it was to see women from Kovacica coming to Danube Rail station. They were dressed in their national clothes with a multitude of colors on kerchiefs, skirts, aprons and petticoats. Among “us” (locals) dressed in simple, mostly dark colors, they seemed like ladies runaway from a ball, proudly walking through Belgrade streets to their employers. They were usually treated as a part of the family. I have dedicated a series of my paintings to hard working women form Kovacica and I would like you to see them. Cheers!

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