Snow & Introduction to Dedinje: January 21, 2011

Yesterday Belgrade received a decent snow! It was only the second snowfall of the winter, the first being right before we left for Bahrain, on December 18th. I can’t wait to go outside and play with the kids today! I will definitely be posting photos our our family winter fun. Nadia, Oliver, and Owen are shown above walking to the car. Our new apartment building is in the background.

We will be finishing our move this weekend also (hopefully). We moved suburbs, going from Senjak to Dedinje. The suburb of Dedinje, which means “Old Man’s HIll” (note that deda is grandfather or old man in Serbian), is the most exclusive, and in my opinion, the most interesting neighborhood in Belgrade. The area reminds me somewhat of Gross Pointe, in suburban Detroit. That is a nice thing about teaching overseas – educators can live in the nicest neighborhoods in the city. In the US, our middle class salaries put us in more modest areas.

Anyway, Dedinje is interesting because of all the history that has occured here. The suburb is located on the slopes of Topcider Hill, and was home to the city’s rich and elite for many generations. After World War II, Tito and the communists came in and occupied the mansions and villas of the old money families of Belgrade. Later, ex Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, and other shady characters like Arkan, moved in. I’ll be posting about the various aspects of the suburb for the next couple of years. Our apartment is quite modest compared to the diplomatic residences and other mansions around us. It is very comfortable however, and we’re very happy to be in a newer and better constructed apartment. We are just off the main drag of the suburb, ulica Užička. (ulica is street in Serbian, and Užiče is a city in southern Serbia)

2 thoughts on “Snow & Introduction to Dedinje: January 21, 2011

  • This is one wonderful city in the heart of the Balkans. I had some prejudices before I had my first trip but as I landed in Serbia I was simply overwhelmed by generosity and openness of the Serbs. Belgrade itself in full of contrasts. On the one side you can find modern 21st century buildings, just a corner below there is enormous medieval fortress. Accommodation was fair enough but recently I rent private apartments just outside of downtown. It is less expensive and offers good amount of comfort (fyi it is website). Food is ok, but for my taste a little bit strong. Looking forward going in Belgrade, Serbia again

    • As you can read from my blog Matt, I agree! Belgrade is the capital of the region in my opinion, despite Bucharest, Sofia, and Athens being in the EU, Belgrade is the best place to live in Balkans. The food is getting better, and as the Belgraders advance more towards Europe and the rest of the world, the cuisine will reflect a lighter nature. Good luck with the apartment rentals. The real estate market here is crazy.

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