Kralovec Family Visits Budapest, Hungary

Oliver Overlooks the Danube

I took the family with me to the CEESA Educators Conference in Budapest, Hungary this weekend. Nadia and I were attending the conference along with the entire staff of our school. We brought the kids up to Budapest with the nanny and made it into a nice weekend. On Friday afternoon, I took the kids up to the Buda Castle and above, Oliver is pictured looking at the beautiful city of Budapest. We went out to dinner both Friday and Saturday nights and had two great meals – one Italian and one Mexican. On Sunday, we visited the Science Museum and had a final lunch at Subway (none in Serbia) before heading back for home. It was my fourth trip to Budapest. Beautiful city, but very expensive compared to Belgrade.

Weather is very depressing here in Belgrade today – cold, gray, and wet…


One thought on “Kralovec Family Visits Budapest, Hungary

  • I’m so happy that your beautiful family enjoyed the visit to my beautiful city! 🙂 Your pictures are really wonderful. I have never visited Belgrade but I would like to do it one day. Also you mentioned Italian and Mexican food, but I just want to say that we also have really wonderful typical Hungarian food too! In case your readers might ever hope to try it 🙂

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