School Year Ends

Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

With the end of the school year being such a busy time, I’ve had no time to keep up with my blogging. We had our last day of classes yesterday. I’ll be working this week finishing up in the office and then summer holidays!

Ocean is pictured above at last week’s Art Exhibition our school held. Our school is very “hip” and the students exhibited many different mediums of art, including sculpture, digital film, and music. The exhibition was held in the former Military Academy in downtown Belgrade. It is now being turned into a museum and exhibition center after the Serbian army donated the building to the city, It is such a fabulous space to feature student art. As you can see from the photos, the interior of the building is quite striking. The building was damaged twice in WWII and the 1999 NATO bombings.

Oliver and Owen’s art work was featured as well and so I snapped a couple of photos of their work. It was such a nice event for our students and parents and I am happy that ISB supports the fine arts.

Oliver's Sculpture

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