We had our last Administrative Team meeting at the International School of Belgrade where I work. We meet every Wednesday and other times as needed. We’ve spent many hours around the table in Eric’s office. I’ve appreciated the collaboration of my colleagues and their perspectives, expertise, and different viewpoints, have made me a much better school administrator. I am seated on the far left. To my left in order are the Lower School Principal, Tim M., School Director Eric, S., Business Manager Snežana H., and IT Director, Bane N.
Vicky, Nadia, and Janna

It is the time of year to say goodbye to everyone, some just for the summer holidays and others forever. Our life in international education forces us to have people come and go in our lives. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is strange to get very close to people for several years, and then never see them again. It is impossible to maintain friendships over time and distance.Nadia is above having a coffee with friends Vicky and Janna at the Park Cafe.

Above is a photo of our school’s farewell assembly. We said goodbye to several students and teachers. The ceremony took place in our new amphitheater and it is such a nice setting for public gatherings. We are definitely going to use it more in the future, both for assemblies and outdoor classes.

It is a wrap for another year in education. For teachers, our year doesn’t begin in January, but in August with the start of classes. I am looking forward to upcoming summer holiday. I’ll be spending a few more days wrapping things up in the office and then it will be off to Bolivia. I can’t wait to spend more time with my wife and children, and myself!

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