Family Journal: Three Countries in One Day

The Kralovec Family did the Central European Tour on the way home from Vienna. We stopped in Bratislava and Budapest for more Christmas shopping. When we leave Europe, we will miss the different languages and currencies within a few hour’s drive.

The kids are shown above in the Ikea parking lot in Bratislava. There was snow on the ground and we took time out to have a mini-snowball fight. Bratislava, Slovakia looked and felt much like Belgrade. It is only about an hour from Vienna. It also marked a new country for all of us. I am up to 45 countries as a lifetime total. We then spent the night in Budapest, Hungary. Of course we had to visit another Christmas market! We all found it better than the markets in Vienna. I did notice the global economic crisis in Budapest however, as there were lots of buildings for rent and I see they are raising their sales tax to a whopping 27% to generate more revenue for the government.

We made it home safe and sound and are looking forward to re-joining the Wells/Chavez family for Christmas and New Years Celebrations. We put up more lights around the house last night and bought a turkey for our Christmas Eve dinner.

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