Family Holiday Journal: Football!!!



We had a wonderful Christmas Eve! It was relatively warm and sunny day and we took advantage of the unseasonably like conditions. The video above is of the boys and Uncle Diego playing football in our backyard. Owen is totally into football and is constantly carrying around a football and he is following the NFL and college bowl games. Oliver is a tough little guy and Sebey showed some athleticism. You can watch some other highlights on the Flick page.

We also went for a long bike ride at my favorite place in Belgrade. There were not many people there and we enjoyed showing Diego the beauty of Ada Ciganlija. We stopped for a hot chocolate before watching the NFL games for the evening. We had a Skype call with my Dad and brothers and their families.

The Gilrs Warm Up By the Fire

All in all, it was a fantastic day.

Sebey on the Bike

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