Run Along the Thames

 Parliament Square and Big Ben

I am at a recruiting confernece in London and after being in front of a computer all day, I went for a long run along the Thames River. It was really cool to see all the famous sites like the London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc. There are a lot of tourists here, even in late January.

My hotel is in the City of London, an independent city-state inside of metro London. It is mostly a tax-haven for investment bankers and it is the financial district. There are a lot of business men and women walking around. They were one of the causes of the global economic crisis and it is a group of people devoted to greed.

The city is very well-kempt and really beautiful. A bit too big for my taste however and very urban. I am also impressed with the diversity of people. So much different than Serb-dominated Belgrade.

The Thames is brown and has a fast current. It looks much like the Sava or the Danube. They have done much to develop the banks, and it is loaded with cafes, sidewalks, museums, etc. It was a lovely run along both the north and south banks of the river.

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