Run Along the Thames

 Parliament Square and Big Ben

I am at a recruiting confernece in London and after being in front of a computer all day, I went for a long run along the Thames River. It was really cool to see all the famous sites like the London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc. There are a lot of tourists here, even in late January.

My hotel is in the City of London, an independent city-state inside of metro London. It is mostly a tax-haven for investment bankers and it is the financial district. There are a lot of business men and women walking around. They were one of the causes of the global economic crisis and it is a group of people devoted to greed.

The city is very well-kempt and really beautiful. A bit too big for my taste however and very urban. I am also impressed with the diversity of people. So much different than Serb-dominated Belgrade.

The Thames is brown and has a fast current. It looks much like the Sava or the Danube. They have done much to develop the banks, and it is loaded with cafes, sidewalks, museums, etc. It was a lovely run along both the north and south banks of the river.

Serbian Parliament


Serbian Parliament Building, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

I took this photo on last Friday’s field trip to the ivo Andric museum. Both the Parliament building and Andric’s former apartment on on Pioneer’s Park. It was a beautiful sunny morning. This week has been grey and rainy. Temperatures are in the 40’s and 30’s (F) and the sun is supposed to be back on Friday. It looks like temperatures will dip below freezing next week and I am hoping for snow. 

Serbia’s parliament has one house called the National Assembly consisting of 250 members. That is one representative for every 26,000 Serbian citizens. I don’t know how that compares to other countries, but it seems to be a bit of overkill. The school is planning on having some of our older students serve internships in the parliament next semester through an international NGO. I am looking forward to that. The public can visit the parliament on the last Saturday of each month. I would like to do that with the boys.