Fogged In


Oliver Backflip, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We spent the day inside the hotel because of the dense fog. Visibility was about 10 meters and so we relaxed at the hotel. You can see Oliver in the video above practice his back flips. The hotel has a nice spa, children’s playroom, dining room, and weight room. We had a good day together, despite not being able to explore the area as planned. This morning it looks a bit better so we’ll try to scale Babin Zub and maybe even visit the nearby town of Pirot.

The hotel is owned by an Austrian company called Falkensteiner. They have over 30 hotels in central and eastern Europe. They are building another hotel up here and the plan is to have an entire resort village to support the ski complex. It is a bit sad to see forest being cut down for ski runs, roads, and accomodation, but on the other hand, southern Serbia needs economic help. The government is wisely supporting this development. I’ll try to snap some photos of the hotel and surroundings. It will be interesting to see what this place looks like in 20 years.

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