Goodbye Stara Planina

095, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We got to appreciate the beauty of Stara Planina yesterday as the fog lifted allowing us to go on a couple of hikes. Above, we are at top of one of the many ski runs around the hotel. There was a nice walk through the woods to get to the scenic look out. Behind us is the trail to Midžor, the highest point in Serbia. We’ll save the 8 kilometer hike for the next time we come.

The boys and I did have a successful hike to Babin Zub (Grandmother’s Tooth) through the fog and high winds in the morning. Just as we got to the top, the skies cleared and it was really nice. We did some rock climbing and Owen commented how he felt he was in a National Geographic documentary. The boys were a little scared as we got to the top due to the fog, but we had an easy way down when the winds took away the low clouds.

I can see the potential of this place. It is just as nice as the major Serbian ski resort of Kapoanik. The Austrians are building the infrastructure and in the years to come, the place will fill up. It will be sad if they do it wrongly, and I would had to see the beautiful trees cut down for chalets and lodges. Right now, they are lacking a good highway to get to the hotel, nearby supermarkets, and restaurants, and private accommodation. I am tempted in buying some land up here as an investment. It is really beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. We will definitely be back, at least, to hike to Midžor.


I also highly recommend the Hotel Stara Planina. The staff were very courteous, the facilities were excellent, rooms comfortable, and reasonably priced.

Owen in Front of Babin Zub

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