Hiking Through the Hills of Rajac


Nadia, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Last weekend our school’s hiking club went for a long walk through the hills, forests, and meadows of the Rajac region. This area is about 100 kilometers south east of Belgrade. We started the hike on the famous summit of Suvobor. This is the sight of a great battle in World War I. The Serbian army on December 4, 1914 took control of the hill from the Austro-Hungarian Army. They eventually also took the city of Valjevo and drove the Austrians out of Belgrade and across the border. It was a Phryic victory for the Serbs, but it did give them 10 months of control in Belgrade. The losses from the war combined with a typhus epidemic, really took a toll on the soldiers.

98 years later, we were there in much better circumstances. It was a gorgeous day Saturday as you can see from the photos. It is not the most dramatic scenery of Serbia, but it is quite nice and typical of the type of topography of Šumadija. It was also great to have the entire family on the hike, including my wife, Nadia, who usually doesn’t like to go with us.

Boys love weapons – Owen doing his “Children of the Corn” impression

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