Happy Thanksgiving


Yesterday we celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving. The official holiday in the US was Thursday, but we worked on that day so we waited until the weekend. Owen and Ocean are shown above with the ćurka (turkey in Serbian) that we ordered from the neighborhood butcher. I joked that it was a “real” turkey and not the agro-industrial turkeys one gets from the US. This is a turkey that actually touched the ground. Nadia and her team did a great job of cooking the turkey and it was delicious.

We invited some friends over and had a nice Thanksgiving. Foreigners love the holiday, it is nice to take time out and reflect on what is positive or good in your life. In our speeches going around the table, there was some real heartfelt sentiment.

My thanksgiving focus, was a bit abstract. I am thankful for the realization that the material things in life do not bring happiness and they may actually bring unhappiness. The worries, expenses, time, and efforts that come with maintaining a big house, a nice car, etc. are not worth it. The most important things in life are who you are with (family, friends) and what you do. The external stuff should be functional and comfortable, but to be as minimal as possible. A cluttered life full of things distracts you from the true joys of life. I think I sound like a Buddhist.

The other important thing to be thankful for is health, which becomes “wealth” as one ages. More on this later.

So, Happy Thanksgiving readers! It is the American “slava” day!

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