Belgrade’s Many Parks


I was surprised to find that Belgrade has a lot of parks and green areas, both large and small. The image of Eastern Europe is one of industry and pollution, but not of community parks. Last weekend I took Oliver and Ocean to a couple of them, one a new one for our family.

The first park we visited was in Dedinje, very near our house. The park is located across from Pink TV and city officials recently upgraded the park with a zip line, climbing apparatus, etc. The kids love it.

The second park was near the Kalenić market. It has a park area for dogs, a mini-skateboard park, and trees to climb. There is a statue of the Bosnian author and politician, Petar Kočić. He is known for his portrayal of the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers of Bosnia.

It is nice that the city has areas for young children to play. Many Serbs live in apartments and the need for access to green areas is vital.

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