Kranjska Gora Fun

As you can see by the look on the faces of the kids, they are having a blast skiing. This makes it all worth it for me. To see their excitement of mastering different runs and techniques. They will never become superstar skiers because we don’t ski often enough, but they are learning how to do it and experience skiing in the Alps.

There were much less people on the mountain yesterday (Monday) and it was much better. With less crowds and noise, it is more enjoyable for everyone.

I still have not gone downhill as my knee is still getting better. I did go for a very long nordic (cross-country) ski yesterday. I absolutely love the sport and wish I could do it more! It is low impact on the joints, refreshing to get out in the snow and cold, and a great work out. I took one of the trails up into the mountains and was alone for most of the morning. It would be great to do this every day.

I am also trying to gauge Slovenians opinions of Serbs. They enjoy listening to my Serbian and they are taken aback by my accent, but they do understand what I am saying. In older people, they seem to get nostalgic. I will definitely ask around today to get more opinions.

The snow keeps falling – it is a winter wonderland with another foot fresh powder on the ground!

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