Holiday Continues


Sebey, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We are on our last day in Kranjska Gora as we need to get my sister-in-law to the airport on Friday morning.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I spent the afternoon on the slopes with Oliver, Sebey, and Owen. What a nice way to bond with the boys! They were showing off their skills and I was trying to keep up, stay upright and dig them out of trouble when they fell. The crowds were thin again and with zero wait time in getting on the lifts.

Our interactions with Slovenians were limited but we did meet the neighbour while shovelling out the cars and spent some time with the apartment owner. They were very nice and animated, a bit different than the Austrians. I see that Slovenians are Slavs and out-going, but with the houses and infrastructure in better condition than the rest of the Balkans. I still feel they would be better off with an union with Croatia and Serbia. The language (Slovene compared to Serbian) is not that different. I wonder if it is like Spanish and Portuguese or something closer?

Our apartment is just down the street from the former home of Slovene children’s author, Josip Vandot. I had not heard of him before this trip, but saw a memorial in front of his house. I would love to read his three books in English about a brave and clever shepherd boy named Kekec. I am sure my kids would love his alpine adventures.

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