Family Journal: May 4, 2016


The big focus for last weekend was Oliver’s 11th birthday! The little guy, well as you can see in the photo, not so little anymore, turned 11 last Saturday. I can’t believe how fast time goes by, (typical parent cliche, but oh, so true) and it is such a gift to be a father. We love his heart of gold, charismatic personality and creative imagination. We celebrated by having dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown and then taking him to the Pokemon store at the Expo City mall. He is currently totally into Pokemon and he spends a lot of time looking at the cards, watching the program and fighting imaginary battles while walking to school.


Owen qualified for the Global Round in the Kansai round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The debates and knowledge bowl events were very good for him. Nadia and I are encouraging him to be a well-rounded person and we like him showing enthusiasm for something other than sports.


Nadia and Ocean got their hair cut and styled and we rode our bikes with them to the salon. The weather is absolutely perfect lately and we have been riding our bikes everywhere. I love April/May in Japan before the humidity and rains of June come.

We are staying home for our Golden Week holiday. Japan is an overcrowded country and with this being one of the few holidays workers get, the highways, airports and tourist spots are really full. I am taking advantage of the week to catch up on my research for my doctorate program.

Will try to post more this spring. Here is a video of us riding to the train station with our friends to catch the train for Oliver’s birthday dinner.

One thought on “Family Journal: May 4, 2016

  • HI Bill,
    I found your blog in 2014. I was delighted to find the article about Andrew John Kralovec, your grandfather. I left a comment about the Kralovec family, I hope you return to that page and read the latest comments. My great great grandmother was a sister of Andreas.
    Best regards

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